No shortcuts. No compromise. NO RECALLS … Ever!

That’s right. This family owned operation is one of the few pet food companies to never have a recall. That’s because they take their job seriously and make sure everyone they work with does the same. RUS knows where their ingredients come from and hold them to the highest standards.

BUY 12 of the same VéRUS bagged dog or cat food from our site, you'll get one FREE!*

NOTE: RUS requires us to add OUT-OF-ZONE INTERNET PRICING if you're not in our immediate service area. This will be added at checkout.

*Over time - does not require you to purchase 12 at once. Our system keeps track of your orders as long as they're under the same account each time. Must be same size and flavor. Free bag does not include shipping. Once earned, you'll receive an email from Info@VeRUSMidwest.com with discount link. 
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